Model Transit Show!

Al Westerfield's "El"
Al Westerfield’s “El”
Subway/Trolley Layout
Subway/Trolley Layout
Model Contest Entry
Model Contest Entry
Hello again everyone- I just wanted to let you know about an upcoming show that is an annual event sponsored by the New York City Model Transit Association at Rutgers University on Oct.22, 2011. This is a show that is devoted to the mass transit and trolley modelers out there. You will find all kinds of traction goodies at the show from trolley cars to subway cars in all scales and sizes. I have found parts there when I have attended in the past that I had been looking for for some time. In addition there are vendors offering photos, publications and railrodianna relating to transit. Several years ago I had the good fortune to meet Mr. Al Westerfield at this show who is constructing an HO Elevated system based on the Bronx IRT and it looked spectacular- custom made from his own masters and resin castings. There are usually several layouts on display in all the different scales and a model contest that is open to anyone. The nicest part of the affair is that the proceeds from the show go to support the Shore Line Trolley Museum in Connecticut. The admission to the show is $20.00 and the wife and kids are free! For complete information, times and directions go to Have a great time and hope to see you there-Transit Bill

3 thoughts on “Model Transit Show!”

  1. Hello. I would like to know when the Rutgers University Model Transit
    Association show will be in October. If you could tell me the dates and how a person would be a vendor at this venue I would appreciate it. I have modeled N.Y. mass transit for a long time and I would like people to see my work. When I had featured my structures at other train shows many people told me I have to do the show at Rutgers. Thank you very much for your help.

    1. Hello Anthony- I am not sure if a date has been selected for the October show at Rutgers yet but the fellow to contact is Steve Olsen at the New York City Model Transit Association. There is a link to that site on and you can contact them through the link on their site. This is a great show if you enjoy subways and traction and the folks that run it are really very nice- I’m sure they would love to have you there with your display. Hope to see you there-
      Transit Bill

      1. Hello, Bill. Thank you for getting back to me. I am very interested in doing the show at Rutgers. A number of people told me I HAVE TO DO THIS SHOW because of the detailed structures I build. I will contact Steve Olsen and see what he says. Thank you very much for getting back to me. I appreciate it.

        Sincerely, Anthony Landro of Landro Model Railroad Structures

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